Signing Up for ObamaCare Was the Easy Part

At a news conference the other day, President Obama defended the Affordable Care Act and slammed Republicans for continuing to gripe about it. What else is new? Well, midterm elections are new and theRead Post

President Obama and Stoking Resentments

If there’s one thing Barack Obama and his political pals know how to do, it’s to stoke resentment. This was a man who told us “There is not a liRead Post

Hope and Change.  Really?

Let’s start with the premise that all politicians, to one degree or another, are cynical, hypocritical and are not always honest.  But Barack ObamaRead Post

Liberals Who Have Forgotten How to be Liberal

Let’s get something straight:  Liberals are the smart ones.  The tolerant ones.  The open-minded ones.  I know this because liberals are constanRead Post

CNN:  The Place to Go for a Few Laughs

I used to think that if you could bottle CNN you’d have a cure for insomnia.  CNN gave dull a bad name.  But CNN had good points, too.  It was seRead Post

7 Million Sign Up for ObamaCare — or Not

President Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and the rest of the president’s team are downright giddy because, as they tell us, more than six million AmericanRead Post

Obama, the Minimum Wage, and Democratic Politics as Usual

“Let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.” President Obama said that earRead Post

You Know the Difference Between Genius and Stupidity?

Sometimes I wonder why pollsters ask the American people about anything.  What’s the point?  I mean, would Gallup ask someone from Uzbekistan if hRead Post

Where does Obama keep finding these guys? As if Eric Holder wasn’t horrible enough, Obama tried toRead Post

In Defense of Hillary Clinton

How many of you remember this? In 2000, when Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her first term in tRead Post

Unemployment remains unacceptably high, millions of Americans have given up looking for work, but atRead Post

Recently, Laura Ingraham was a guest on Howard Kurtz’s Sunday Fox show, “Media Buzz.” She offeRead Post

Hillary and That Shoe: The Real Story

A couple of nights ago, as Hillary Clinton started to address a gathering of recycling experts in LaRead Post

These days, you can’t go an hour without someone insisting that one thing or another is a no-brainRead Post

Zeituni Onyango, President Obama’s illegal alien aunt, died this week of cancer and other compRead Post

Next week Caesar comes calling, demanding that Americans do some serious rendering in the form of feRead Post

For thousands of years, the Jew has served the world as its most popular scapegoat. If crops failed,Read Post

The Left’s Refusal to Evolve on Race

Whenever you hear a liberal politician talk about race these days, it’s a pretty safe bet thatRead Post

There used to be a TV sit com in the 80′s called “The Jeffersons.” The central characters Read Post