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The Evolution of ‘Extremism’ in the Era of Obama


One doesn’t have to look all that far to find proof of the gross hypocrisy that has come out of Washington over the past five years. As conservatives like to point out, the words spoken by U.S. Senator Barack Obama and other top Democrats during the Bush era are often diametrically opposed to the things… is Merely a Preview of Obamacare


I don’t often feel sorry for the Obama administration, but in the case of the massive technical problems plaguing the website, I almost do. It has to be awfully embarrassing, after all of the heated opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the Democrats’ impassioned defense of it, to have the program’s technological interface…

The Lefty Buffoonery That Republicans Need to ‘Shut Down’ Once and For All


One of the residual effects of this week’s government shutdown and the implementation of Obamacare has been a sharp uptick in political commentary across social media. At least, that’s what I’ve been seeing when I’ve logged into my online accounts over the past few days. I’m not talking about the normal activity. There are certainly…

Not Enough Hank Schraders in a Walter White World


Very rarely does a television show of Breaking Bad’s brilliance come along. With such marvelous writing and superb acting, it was one of those shows that dragged skeptical viewers in, solidly invested them in the plot and characters, and would absolutely not let them go. The show wrapped up its final season last Sunday, and…

Harry Reid Doesn’t Let a Good Colorado Crisis Go To Waste


One of my favorite leisure destinations in my home state of Colorado is Estes Park. It’s a popular, very friendly mountain town that sits at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, about an hour and fifteen minute’s drive from where I live. It’s a beautiful place. A number of times each year, my family…

Imagine if Sarah Palin Had Said “Buy a Shotgun” Before the Navy Yard Shooting


Last February, as part of a White House push for a ban on semi-automatic rifles in response to the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, Vice President Joe Biden offered some advice to a mother who was concerned about losing the ability to protect her children inside their home. “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun,” he told the…

Obama Finally Defends American Exceptionalism… After Turning Us Into Europe


“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Those words were spoken by President Obama during a press conference in France back in 2009. The president took a lot of heat for that remark from conservatives at the time, and it…

Obama Adopts ‘The Office Doctrine’ For Dealing With Syria


My wife and I were big fans of NBC’s The Office. Back before Steve Carell left the show (it became unwatchable after that), we never missed an episode. Even these days, after we put our kids to bed at night and can’t find much on television, it’s not uncommon for us to turn to our…