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The Six Million Dollar Man vs. the One BILLION Dollar Website


Bloomberg’s Peter Gosselin recently reported that the taxpayer cost of (aka the Obamacare website) has now surpassed one billion dollars. Yes, that’s billion with a b! This is certainly a far cry from the original projected cost of the project, which was stated to be no more than $93.7 million. When we found out…

The Mainstream Media Have Made the Conservative Media Prophets


I’ve long thought of conservative-leaning news outlets as being only small counterbalances to the dominant liberal slant that exists in the mainstream media. Fox News is a perfect example. Though the network fares well against its national news competitors on an individual basis, it is merely a lone conservative voice in an industry that is…

The GOP Can’t Let the Dems Off the Hook for Obamacare


Back in 2003, I supported George W. Bush’s decision to take us to war in Iraq. Whenever I mention that fact in one of my columns or somewhere else online, I receive harsh criticism and self-righteous condemnation from some of our friends on the left. Their mindset is basically that Bush lied, soldiers died. And…

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Obamacare


It’s been nearly impossible to find any positive news about the Affordable Care Act lately. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the roll-out of a $600 million website that didn’t work. We’ve discovered that the Obama administration outright lied to the American public about several of the law’s selling points. We’ve witnessed the cancellations…

It’s Not the Lie… It’s That the Media Suddenly Cares


What exactly constitutes a scandal? I see that question debated on the Internet from time to time, as well as on the news networks. Many people impulsively associate the term with an illegal activity, but the textbook definition of it is actually quite broad and thus fairly subjective: A disgraceful or discreditable action. Thus, what…

Why Would Obama Want People to Keep Their Old Plans?


By merely adding up recent media reports of insurance providers sending out cancellation notices, as conservative blogger David Hogberg did the other day, one can find that nearly 1.5 million Americans have already lost their health insurance plans as a result of Obamacare. As Hogberg points out, this number really just scratches the surface, because…

The Evolution of ‘Extremism’ in the Era of Obama


One doesn’t have to look all that far to find proof of the gross hypocrisy that has come out of Washington over the past five years. As conservatives like to point out, the words spoken by U.S. Senator Barack Obama and other top Democrats during the Bush era are often diametrically opposed to the things… is Merely a Preview of Obamacare


I don’t often feel sorry for the Obama administration, but in the case of the massive technical problems plaguing the website, I almost do. It has to be awfully embarrassing, after all of the heated opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the Democrats’ impassioned defense of it, to have the program’s technological interface…