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This Amendment Has Got to Go


Let’s face it, you of conservative persuasion, there is an early amendment to the Constitution that simply has to go in this modern day and age. It is an amendment that has permitted the commission of heinous acts and led to innumerable deaths.  It ought to be repealed. Let it go, guys. I am speaking,…

Shameless Last Words


If there’s one positive thing that has come out of the horrific mass shooting in Connecticut, it is a renewed sense of togetherness in a more united American people. Yes, you can almost taste the togetherish unitedarity, as we stand tall to weather the malignant sociopaths of the world who dare cause us harm. Of…

Christmas Wishes


The best Christmas I ever experienced as a child was when I was about 6 years old, when the marquee gift was a small record player. The second I noticed it, all other goodies in the vicinity became presenta non grata, and I was all over that gizmo like Michael Moore on a meatball hero….

What’s So Great about Same-Sex Marriage?


After my first marriage broke up, I spent fourteen years as a bachelor in Manhattan before getting married again. Naturally, I made full use of this extraordinary opportunity. I dated numerous women, and in perhaps seven instances things went far enough that one party or the other started talking seriously about the possibility of getting…

Time For a Little Swearing


So, anything interesting happen so far this month? Kidding. Now that Barack Obama has gotten himself another four years to show his appreciation for this country by fundamentally transforming it, I have terrible news for his most ardent fans. (Anyone remember how no president’s supporters/voters would be so sweet on him that the word “fan”…

Bill Clinton Should Resign!


SCENE: The Oval Office PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thanks for stopping by, Hillary. As a courtesy, I wanted to let you know that I have accepted the resignation of General David Petraeus as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, that’s wonderful! You may recall that he and I didn’t get along too well. When…

What’s One More Annoyance?


In case you haven’t heard, Election Day is coming soon, and the tension and excitement are very real and omnipresent–you can cut ‘em with a knife, dunk ‘em in a vat of marinade, and burn ‘em on a skewer surrounded by peppers and mushrooms. The end of this election season can’t come soon enough for…

Obama Singlehandedly Saves America from the Storm


THE SCENE: A rural farmhouse. It is daytime, and a light drizzle is falling. There is a knock at the door. The farmer opens the door.) PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’m President Obama, and I’m here to help you. I have personally taken charge of all emergency activities as Hurricane Sandy approaches. It is important for me…