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It’s Not About Losing the ‘White Establishment’; It’s About Losing America


On election night, the moment that Bill O’Reilly stated on FOX News that the “white establishment is now the minority”, I knew the mainstream media would latch onto that quote and not let go. I knew they would completely disregard the point he was trying to make, and attribute his concerns to that of people’s…

A Final Reflection on the Debate…Obama’s Façade Crumbles

Many thousands of words have been written since the debate last Wednesday. Much of the analysis insightful, some ludicrous, some almost depraved. But, now that the commentators and talking-heads have opined, I have reached several conclusions about the debate and its aftermath. First, Obama confirmed the obvious: little can be offered to defend or explain…

What Would Martin Luther King Think of Chris Matthews?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like many people in our country, I was born after the African-American Civil Rights Movement. I wasn’t around to witness the shameful legalities of racial discrimination, and the bold acts of civil disobedience led by brave heroes to end that discrimination. No, I learned of the historical plight where many of us did: From school,…

If Only it Were True


In the aftermath of the Colorado shootings, the President, and Mitt Romney both spoke eloquently about the tragic and deliberate act of violence.  The President also went to visit with the families, and he said something idealistic about how we will remember the victims not the murderer.  This is a proper goal, but it is…

Greece Finally Takes a Hard Line… Against Its Athletes?

Voula Papachristou

I can’t seem to figure out the Greek culture. Not a week goes by without fresh news headlines sounding the alarm on the country’s worsening debt crisis. By now, we all know that their government spent like crazy for decades on unsustainable public sector wages, early retirement packages loaded with benefits, and massive infrastructure. Their…

Romney’s Challenge: Convincing the Electorate That They’re Not Children


A couple of weeks ago, my family and I attended a barbeque. It was thrown by some friends of ours who are pretty well-off financially, and they hosted it at their large house that backs up to a lake. Everyone seemed to have a good time, but on the trip home, something that my seven…

Andrew Breitbart: New Media’s Fearless Warrior


I was shocked and saddened Thursday morning when I read of the untimely passing of Andrew Breitbart. The New Media generation has lost perhaps its most courageous fighter. And let’s make no mistake about it… he was a fighter. Once a reluctant conservative, Breitbart became a vocal defender against injustices dealt to the conservative movement….

Tolerance is Now a One-Way Street


Debate.  According to my dictionary, it means to deliberate, consider, to engage in argument by discussing opposing points, to engage in a formal discussion or argument. Bottom line.  There has to be opposing viewpoints in order to have a debate otherwise you have a one-sided conversation. Well, apparently, officials in the Shawano School District is Wisconsin don’t seem to understand…