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On Herman Cain’s Shallow and Contradictory Claims

Herman Cain

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan (which Alana wrote on earlier this week), GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain spoke out on two contentious social issues–homosexuality and abortion. Let’s deal with each in turn. On homosexuality, Cain claimed that it is a “choice.” If there are any other factors that go into determining one’s sexual orientation, Cain didn’t name them. More ……

Bill Maher’s Easy Gamble


Think back to nearly four years ago when under-dog presidential candidate Barack Obama was steadily rising in the poll numbers, hoping to overtake establishment favorite Hillary Clinton and other candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination. Imagine if during that time, right-leaning comedian Dennis Miller, in one of his HBO stand-up comedy specials, made…

Chastising Colmes, Cain and Coulter

I am not a wealthy person. If I were, I would pay as little in income taxes as I could possibly get away with. I would hire excellent accountants to assist me in this endeavor. For one thing, I’d know that I was already paying far too much in a nation in which nearly half…

Racial Condescension from the Left


I like Herman Cain. I respect his achievements in the business world and I enjoy listening to him in interviews and debates. He’s an unapologetic conservative who speaks proudly of the American dream, and he comes across as an all around nice guy. As a conservative, I know I’m not alone in that assessment. In…

Bernie Is On Fire!


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