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How Meeting the Pope Hurts Obama’s Income Inequality Campaign


Earlier this week, President Obama met with Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican. The historical meeting garnished a lot of press, with many of the news headlines describing a kinship between the two men, specifically in the area of one of the president’s favorite campaign topics: Income inequality. ABC’s Jonathan Karl reported…

Obama’s Legacy: Selling Us on Fluff in the Face of Crisis


On January 20, 2009 (the day Barack Obama was sworn into office) the country was in pretty rough shape. We were in the depths of the Great Recession. Millions of Americans were losing their jobs, companies were shutting down left and right, the stock market was tanking, 12.5% of Americans were living in poverty, and…

The Perpetual Class Warfare Campaign


As the Obama administration and the Democratic Party prepare once again to campaign on the “issue” of income inequality (this time for the 2014 midterm elections), the irony of their efforts is impossible to ignore. After all, President Obama has been peddling the class warfare rhetoric since before he ever took office. You would think…