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Sanford and Weiner – I Knew They’d Be Back


When both of these guys left public office a few years back, like cockroaches who’ll survive nuclear war, I knew we hadn’t seen the last of them. I was right. Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina was just elected by a landslide to his old House of Representatives seat and Democrat Anthony Weiner,…

Abortion and Politics


I read a recent article by Marcia Pally, author of The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good,” in which she discussed abortion and politics.  Although she opines that evangelical opposition to abortion is firm, the evangelical vote is not fixed and many evangelicals were happy with Democrat wins.  Since the mid-term elections, she says that evangelicals…

Thank God for Rich People

Rich Guy

I have an idea for a monument in our nation’s capital.  I envision a big bronze and granite statue that would honor an entire group of Americans who are true heroes, and unsung heroes at that. It is time — no, make that long past time — to pay tribute to those this nation of…