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It’s Chinatown

At the end of the movie, “Chinatown,” when the rich, powerful and totally depraved Noah Cross drags his granddaughter away in order to use and abuse her as he used and abused his own daughter, the private eye, J.J. Gittes, tries to stop him. But he’s held back by a friend, who says, “Forget it,…

“Where, Oh Where, Is Barry Goldwater?”

What more people should remember about Goldwater is based on fact, not a slander perpetuated by a cynical political operative; namely, that he was the man, the Republican senator, who went to Richard Nixon and told him to his face that it was time to resign, that he was an embarrassment not only to the nation, but to the political party to which they both belonged.

Good News & Bad

There are times, I’m sure we’d all agree, when it seems that good news is a thing of the past. But if you look hard enough, sometimes you’ll spot a nugget. For instance, I recently learned that in Russia, 25% of the men die before the age of 55. That’s because, on average, their consumption…