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"Self-affirmation" - I totally agree Mr. Daly. I don't need to waste my time watching those clowns at Fox News kiss Trump's rear end. I watched The Factor for years. I still like O'Reilly on his podcast though I think he is too easy on Trump's behavior at times.

I am very that pleased that you and what's-his-name give us The No BS Zone.

Keep up the good work!

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Wow, what an absolute take down!

Brilliant summary.

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At least since I've been watching it, Fox News has, from all appearances, always operated on a business model. I watched FNC a lot from about 2002 through in or about 2014. FNC was obviously appealing to certain demographics, many of whom felt left-behind and alienated and many of whom who were all too ready to believe the worst about those evil liberals, liberals, liberals. Yes, there was some good discussions and some solid reporting. And yes, you could frequently glean the whole story if you paid close attention and bucked the tone: facts disfavorable to liberal and the DP or were favorable to conservatives or the RP were too often highlighted, while facts to the contrary were de-emphasized and not infrequently omitted. Roger Ailes, FOX News' maestro during this period, said in or about 2009, "I'm not in the politics business, I'm in the ratings business." In the past, I've given many examples on this website. Having sexy chicks in form-hugging mini-dresses report and comment on the news shouldn't be underestimated: when your blood is going downstream, critical thinking - even when employed - is blunted.

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