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Donald Trump's Future With the GOP

Premier episode of "The No BS Zone" with Bernie Goldberg and John Daly

Welcome, everyone. Today, we’re premiering a new feature for Bernard Goldberg members: The No BS Zone, an online video series where Bernie will be discussing various political, media, and cultural topics.

Hosted by contributor John Daly, we’re giving this idea a whirl, and are eager to listen to your feedback. Let us know what you think. And if you have topics you’d like Bernie to discuss, tell us what they are.

This first episode is free to everyone, but most episodes will be exclusive to members. So, if you’re not a paying member, please consider upgrading. A paid membership additionally gives you access to all of Bernie’s columns, audio commentaries, and weekly Q&As.

One more note: We realize John’s face is unreasonably bright in this first episode (he blames it on the shine off of Bernie’s Emmys). We’ll get that tech issue figured out. 😉


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Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg
John A. Daly