One problem with the GOP and the right-wing media is that they've consistently misunderestimated President Biden. It's hard to think of a president in this generation who has presided over more major legislative victories - much of them bipartisan. All the while many national GOPers and right-wing chatterboxes have been making "feel good" references to dementia or softness in the head, he's racked up victory after victory after victory.

President Biden's response to all this chatter? As we say in Hawaii, "ainokea" or, more commonly, "hold my beer, and who's this Brandon guy, anyway?"

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Trump's unconditionally loyal supporters simply will not listen to reason. To them Trump is their one and only savior. I hope he loses in the GOP primaries, if not God help us. If he becomes the nominee in '24 I am certain the United States of America will suffer a Blue tsunami with Newsom being elected President.


Another excellent commentary Mr. Daly! Thank you.

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