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Learning From the Midterms, Trump 2024, Investigating Hunter Biden, and More

Episode 18 of "The No BS Zone" with Bernie Goldberg and John Daly

Welcome to episode 18 of The No BS Zone with Bernard Goldberg and John Daly. Today, the two discuss the midterms, Trump’s third run for president, the 2024 primaries, the Hunter Biden investigation, and more! (Click here if you’d rather view the video on YouTube).

This series is typically exclusive to paying subscribers, but we’re releasing today’s episode for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re not a paying subscriber, please consider upgrading. A paid subscription gives you access to all of Bernie’s columns, audio and video commentaries, and participation in his weekly Q&As.

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Editor’s note: if you want to leave a question for this Friday's Q&A, please do so in the comment section below.


Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg
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