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Political Violence Targeting Kavanaugh and Pro-Life Institutions

Episode 7 of "The No BS Zone" with Bernie Goldberg and John Daly

Welcome to episode 7 of The No BS Zone with Bernard Goldberg and John Daly. Today, the two discuss political violence stemming from the leaked Alito draft, and the mainstream media's tepid coverage of it.

Editor's note: This episode was recorded just prior to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, and was originally scheduled to go out next week. But in light of today's news, and the discussed Alito draft being replaced with the actual ruling, we've decided to release it today. There will be no new episode next week. Thank you. 

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Show Notes:

–For clarification, when Bernie said during this episode, "I understand why you voted for Hillary" and "I understand why you voted for Biden", he meant to say "DIDN'T vote" in both cases.

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Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg's Commentary
Bernard Goldberg
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