<The governor went as far as referring to the war as a mere “territorial dispute,” and parroted familiar, erroneous lines about concerns of Ukraine being handed a “blank check”, and how offering U.S. support abroad somehow prevents domestic issues from being addressed at home. >:

I've heard this "no blank checks" claptrap from other high profile Republicans - I think Speaker McCarthy was one of them. It gives them plausible deniability. If he gets to the general and if he's called on his Ukraine position, all DeSantis has to keep repeating is "Hey man, my position was always to support Ukraine. I'm just against blank checks. I've always favored granting aid packages. What's the effing problem, man?"

Hapless interviewers will likely not follow-up with the question, "Granting aid packages was what we've been doing all along. Why did you not speak in support these aid packages, but instead down-played the importance of the Ukraine invasion and the need for U. S. support?"

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