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Shameful to exploit any human being that way for any reason.

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Plenty of shame to go around:

* Fetterman's wife for not protecting him as a person and spouse. It appears she was more interested in being a senator's wife than in being Fetterman's wife.

* The Democratic Party for treating Fetterman like a dancing bear in a circus, there for the enjoyment and benefit of the crowd.

* The Republican Party, Trump and Republican primary voters for offering up such a lousy candidate as Dr. Oz. Any decent, mainstream Republican would have carried the general election by 10 points.

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It's hilarious and yet sad watching TCT try and defend the Jan 6th rioters claiming they were 'milling around peacefully" and not show any footage of actual vandalism, illegal trespass, violence and threats to hang the VP. All cherry picked for the delight and conformity of bias of FNC's viewers.

I lasted about 30 minutes before it was time to switch back over to ESPN. I haven't missed much after ditching FNC for good after that historic event.

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