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I agree with your tentatively hopeful take, although I am not quite holding my breath, either.

I think that there's a definite difference between the reaction of people who think (1) FNC used to be actually be a responsible news network, went off the rails, and can hopefully improve and (2) FNC was always nothing more than a fever swamp of misinformation, can't ever be salvaged, and should be shut down by the FCC, and the Murdochs locked up for fraud.

Tucker's departure isn't going to change the minds of people who see FNC as nothing more than a Republican propaganda tool. (Of note, it's interesting how some of the most vociferous online critics of FNC also state, quite righteously that they never actually watch it. So I assume their takes are based on Media Matters and Twitter "journos" like Aaron Rupar that highlight the worst moments and claim all 24/7 hours of programming are like that. )

It also occurs to me that the widespread "his replacement is obviously going to be even worse" cynical responses, shows how used the decent, responsible people are used to losing, and enough of that will turn some of them into cynics who may not join in the evil doing, but don't bother doing anything to fight it, either.

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It seems that since 2016 any public figure who has aligned with Trump has personally ruined his or her own reputation. Each of those individuals freely chose that path and have received what they deserved.

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My guess with Tucker is that he was the easiest to let go. Didn't watch him much but appears he was probably fully supported by the My Pillow Guy and some sleep aid as that was about the only ads I ever saw. O'Rielly stated he probably wasn't all that profitable.

Fox crossed the line with Dominion, but I don't see any culture changes anytime soon. It's all about ratings. Same with CNN, MSNBC, and the MSM mainstream news. As long as we have nut cases on the left, I don't mind a few on the right.

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