2nd P, last sent. Matters or manners? lol

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You are forgetting John some very important points:

Were you better off with Trump or Biden?

Was the border more secure with Trump or Biden?

Did you feel this country was safer under Trump or Biden?

Was the economy better under Trump or Biden?

Was Iran contained under Trump or Biden?

Was the Mideast better under Trump or Biden?

And other questions.

Is the progressive policy of DEI in our educational systems and corporations good?

Do you want illegals to suck dry our national treasury?

Do you want jobs in our federal government security positions to be filled by the best or through DEI.

And more importantly, do you believe the federal government who ignored our burning cities deserved the Jan 6th invasion.

I know John a lot of Trumpsters (go figure in MN) and some work for me. They are reasonable pissed on what's going on. I think Bernie understands this as he has written about it. I'm not sure John that you do. By the way, great article.

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