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Thanks John you've nailed it again!

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I was thinking about posting something like "Farewell, Mike Johnson, we barely knew you..."

According to maga-ite logic, Johnson committed the same unpardonable sin as McCarthy.

That sin, of course, being actually taking your job seriously and finding a way to keep the government functioning through a bipartisan compromise. (Even if none of us are terribly happy with said compromise.)

So, the question is why is Matt Gaetz or one of his clown-in-arms not making a motion to vacate the speakership? There are 2 possibilities:

1. Ousting McCarthy was a personal vendetta that had more to do with just not liking the guy than any sort of principle.

2. Even the maga-ites have some microscopic trace of self-awareness, and understand that another weeks long soap opera would (once again) prove the Democrats' point that the GOP is incapable of governing.

I'm guessing a combination of the two, maybe leaning more on #1. Or am I giving the clowns too much credit?

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