The first time I read one of your articles Mr. Daly was about five years ago. That article was somewhat unfavorably to Trump mainly regarding his social media behavior. My initial reaction was why is a professional golfer who himself has exhibited bad behavior in public criticizing my president?

I sincerely apologize to you Mr. Daly for my embarrassing ignorance from that point-in-time.

I very much appreciate your honest, sincere, and independent commentary. Being able to study the well-thought-out, articulate common-sense information you provide helps me to re-evaluate my perspectives and to also consider other points-of-view.

Many individuals who are rigid in their political ideology (both on the left and the right) tend to be very negative. I do not want to be that type of person.

Fair-minded commentators such as yourself and Mr. Goldberg provide a valuable service. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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"Committed lefty-commenters, on the other hand, not only hated pretty much everything Bernie and I wrote, but reliably twisted themselves into rhetorical and ideological pretzels to insist that we were elitists and racists who hated old and poor people (and probably even puppies)."

I've been commenting on this website for longer than you're been here (I think). I can only think of one or two "lefties" who have approached this characterization. - and that's going way back. In the last few years, the only liberals I'm aware of were not anywhere near that extreme. Maybe I missed it.

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