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I made this point in a previous comment under a different article, but it's relevant here: Why is it that Trump disciples insist that we non-Trump supporters on the right get with the program and support Trump in order to beat the Dems? Wouldn't the results of the last 3 election cycles suggest that the disciples should leave their messiah and join the non-Trumpers to support someone else who has a serious chance of winning a General Election.

I'd really to ask a Trump disciple, "Do you really think your guy can win a General Election, not a GOP primary, but a General Election, where you have to win over moderates and independents?"

I suspect I already know the answers:

a. "He'll win if we stop the Dems from cheating."

b. "Of course he'll win, how can ANYONE vote for the Dems given the way they are screwing up the country?"

The problem with these answers is "a" is based on the Big Lie that Trump continues to push, and "b" falsely assumes that the majority of voters watch Fox News or Newsmax every night to get their daily fix of outrage.

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Perfectly stated Mr G!

Those defending Trump's illegal behaviour are disgraceful.

You know what they say about being in a cult though. First you have to realise you're in one to escape it.

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