Can you imagine what would happen if someone on the right rightfully said there are racists of every race, color and creed?

White people don't hold the monopoly on racism.

Black Lives Matter is blatantly racist. And Al Sharpton has turned his racism into a cottage industry.

And don't get me started on Joy Reid.

But capitalists shoudn't blame progressives on the far left for exploiting this myth of white racism for their own financial gain.

After all, like mobster Hyman Roth said in Godfather 2, "We are not Communists."

And everyone has to make a living?


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Yes Sharpton has a lucrative career. His Tawana Brawley antics were funded by a government grant that Al D'Amato a Republican Senator obtained for him and his Presidential bid was funded by Roger Stone.

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A dinner which is segregated by race and sex? Organized by Mike Pence?

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Every progressive agenda item has moved beyond mainstream. There is no moderation in their views and agenda because debate and scrutiny have been eliminated. I often wonder who believes these things? 2022 is the same as 1850 or 1950 in race relations? There is not only value but a need to talk to k to 3rd graders about sex in school? All of these extreme positions are post 2012 election. Obama spoke about his generation needing to address the last 10% of race equality and did not support gay marriage until well after he was elected the second time. In less than a decade things have extreme on the left but MSM keeps telling me the right has the extreme positions.

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