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First, the GOP slowly abandoned Richard Nixon, as the abuses of power came to light. In April of 1974, Barry Goldwater said that the Democrat were forgetting about the concept of innocent until proven guilty. By early August, Goldwater told Nixon that he counted only 5 Senate votes against removal, and he was not one of them.

There are other Republican candidates who share Trump's policy views, but they have better character. They don't belittle people, whether political opponents or entire demographic groups. And they didn't take part in the January 6th shenanigans.

Second, why do Trump supporters think that being bombastic will achieve political solutions?

I've asked Trump supporters if they would appreciate a boss who insulted them. They all say no. They would prefer a boss who would use a bit of tact in pointing out mistakes or missed deadlines.

So, I ask why they think Democrats would work with a President who hurls playground insults. Trump can't come up with a witty insult, ala Winston Churchill, or a sarcastic quip like Bob Dole.

They are so mad at Democrats that they don't want to compromise with them. They want to crush Democrats.

They can't seem to understand that politics is not football, where an insult from an opponent justifies running up the score. Politics requires diplomacy, and Trump is no diplomat.

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“They adore him.” No. Occam’s razor. They were better off 4 years ago than they are today (before COVID.

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Great analysis. What I'm feeling and articulated in writing. Bravo

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It takes no brain to vote for a candidate over half of American voters don’t even want on the ballot. That “no brain” part explains a lot!

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For many of us, voting is a rational decision, in which public policy “trumps” personality. You don’t have to “adore” a candidate to vote for him/her (who adores politicians anyway??). And BTW, for all of Trump’s character flaws—and there are many—let’s stop pretending Mr. Biden is a model of virtue and goodness.

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