Sitemap - 2014 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

The Fox News Christmas Dinner Conversation

Chuck Todd and the Rosetta Stone of Liberal Bias

White Liberals and the New Racism

High Noon in Hollywood …

Does Michelle Obama Think Short People Are Racists?

CNN is Desperate ...

What is the Responsibility of a Journalist?

On So-Called Torture: "Never Again" Is Not A Policy

Frustrated Journalist: Dems Should Abandon 'Prejudice-Infested' South

Memo to Liberals: We've Had Enough!

The Presumption of Racism Has Stunted America's Growth

About My Letter to the NY Times …

Ferguson … and the Time Machine to the Glory Days

Why the Calls for 'Justice' in Ferguson Ring Hollow


President Obama, Emperor-in-Chief

Did Jonathan Gruber Ever Really Exist?

If You Put Obama's Narcissism Aside … What Do You Have?

How ObamaCare Passed Thanks to "Stupid" Americans

Obamacare Architect: Stupid Americans Let Us Pass the Law

Is It Morning in America -- Again?

GOP Wins in a Wave … What Does it Mean?

Republican Election Wave? Cancel the Midterms!

Hillary Clinton -- No Longer "Dead Broke" -- Strikes Again

Family Feud: The GOP Version

Teaching Monkeys How to Gamble -- and Other Ways to Waste Your Tax Dollars

The Legend of Mark Uterus

The Midterm Elections and the Idiot Vote

Is Everything Political in the Obama Administration?

The Admirable Loyalty of Robert Downey Jr.

Ratings at MSNBC Hit Record Lows -- Is This Bad News for Democrats?

Politically Correct Journalism

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

SHOULD Americans Believe that Ebola isn't a Threat to Them?

Terrorists Get to Air Grievances -- at an Icon of American Culture

Did Trickle-down Complacency Lead to the White House Breach?

Careful About What You Say: The Speech Police Are Listening

Anything Can Happen Between Now and Election Day -- and Probably Will

Why Obama's Low Approval Ratings Aren't Newsworthy

A President Trying to Catch Up with His People

Is There Anything Debbie Wasserman Schultz Wouldn't Say?

Bulletin: A NYT Columnist Hears Chants for Blood -- from (Gasp!) Conservatives

A Rare Politician with Guts

Burger King and the 'Economic Patriotism' Whopper

Life and Death in Polarized America

The Civil Rights Movement Reenactors on the Left

The Elite Liberal Softer Kind of Racism

Mission Not Accomplished

Obama Now Claims It Wasn't His Decision to Leave Iraq

A Few Words About a Friend Who Changed My Life

Both Obama and Palin Rooting for Impeachment

Why Jesse Ventura's Lawsuit Speaks Louder Than the Verdict

Israel, Gaza and the Repulsive Moralists

Israel in the United Nations' Crosshairs … Again

Will the "War on Women" Keep Colorado Perpetually Blue?

Why Are Nearly Half the Voters Still Slobbering Over Obama?

The Highjacking of Conservative Philosophy to Sell Liberalism

What's Left of Obama After the Magic

Why Liberals Like Soccer More than Conservatives

Hobby Lobby Hysteria and Unchallenged Hyperbole

The Supreme Court and the Phony War on Women

The Sting Route or the Kardashian Route?

Where Obama's Scandals Go to Die

Are We Really the UNITED States of America Anymore?

Those Darn Anti-Semitic Republicans!

Iraq is No Longer Bush's Legacy; It's Obama's

Hillary Clinton and Income Inequality

Frackquake! The Death of the 'Natural' Disaster

When Smart People Say and Do Stupid Things …

Democrats Care, Republicans Hate You

The Audacity and Betrayal of Thinking Differently

An Angry Feminist Links Movies to Murder

Is Doug Heffernan in the Oval Office?

A Community Organizer in Way Over His Head

Liberal Authoritarians on Campus

DNC Chair: Criminalizing Non-consensual Abortion Limits Reproductive Rights

Shame on You, Eleanor Clift

After 'Doomsday' Sequester Cuts, Only One Person Laid Off; Do You Care?

Bulletin: Most Journalists Are Not Liberal Democrats -- Just Ask Them

Rutgers … and More Evidence of Liberal Intolerance

Howard Kurtz Says No Bias on Benghazi; Just Boredom

If Donald Sterling Can Lose His Job for Racist Remarks Uttered in Private, Why Can't You?

The Good News about Racism in America

Risk and Reward Has Become a Kick in the Head

The Hard Right's Admiration for a Very Stupid Man

Signing Up for ObamaCare Was the Easy Part

The Left's Refusal to Evolve on Race

President Obama and Stoking Resentments

Hope and Change. Really?

Why It's Sad to Watch the Bush/Clinton Friendship

Liberals Who Have Forgotten How to be Liberal

CNN: The Place to Go for a Few Laughs

7 Million Sign Up for ObamaCare -- or Not

Obama, the Minimum Wage, and Democratic Politics as Usual

How Meeting the Pope Hurts Obama's Income Inequality Campaign

Media Sensationalism is Damaging; Still Better Than Bias

You Know the Difference Between Genius and Stupidity?

Is President Obama Delusional -- or Just Political?

Could Rick Perry Be a Viable Candidate in 2016?

The Other B-Word

Should the Media Point Out the "I Told You Sos?"

Why Stop at Refusing to Bake a Cake for a Same-Sex Marriage?

The On-Going Battle Between Social Conservatives and the Rest of America

Chuck Hagel Unveils Both a Budget and Why He Was Nominated

Advice to the GOP: Narrow it Down and Draw Some Emotion

Ted Nugent and His Conservative Media Enablers

Are You a Member of the Flat Earth Society?

And the Biggest Idiot in Iraq Is ...

Here's an Idea, Mr. President ...

New Democratic Platform: Taxpayer Subsidized Non-Productivity

The Most Telling Moment of the O'Reilly/Obama Interview

A Look Back on O'Reilly's Interview with the President

Mr. Obama's Handy Bogeymen

MSNBC Twitterer Fired for Race Baiting; Chris Matthews Still Employed‏

Obama's Legacy: Selling Us on Fluff in the Face of Crisis

Has the NSA Gone Too Far?

A "Thank You" Campaign for the U.S. Taxpayer

I Take Full Responsibility -- Now Leave Me Alone!

The Perpetual Class Warfare Campaign

When Is a Traffic Jam A Greater Threat to Democracy Than an IRS Scandal?

We're as Mad as Hell … and You Know the Rest

The Notion That Commercialism is Now an Obscenity

Keep Your Kids Sheltered From Politics