Sitemap - 2015 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

If Kids Are Off Limits, Don't Use Them as Props

Classic TV Specials Are a Great Christmas Tradition

How Do the Most Faithful Trump Supporters Defend Their Messiah?

Bill O'Reilly Enters the 'Trump Spin Zone'

Are Trump Supporters Like Most Americans?

Rush Limbaugh Requests a Silent GOP Majority on Trump

A President Who Fails to Instill Confidence

The Death of "See Something, Say Something"‏

It's Time To Face Facts: Trump Can Win the GOP Nomination

A Childhood Memory to Be Thankful For

The Democratic Party's Stereotyping of Muslims

Should We Allow Syrian Refugees into America?

Campaign 2016: The Return of Lt. Frank Drebin

Is Obama Prepared to Wage "Pitiless" War Against ISIS?

Donald Trump and His Engineered Crazy Train

What Ben Carson Can Learn from Brian Williams

Is the Media Railroading Ben Carson...Or Doing Its Job?

The Liberal Dilemma: A Black Man Leading the GOP Field

The Self-Martyrdom of John Harwood

The CNBC Debate -- a Media Hit Job

Media Disinterest in the Benghazi Revelations

The Benghazi Hearing as Rorschach Test

Paul Ryan Calls for Unity and Family; Conservatives Outraged

Is Donald Trump's Ego More Sacred Than 9/11?

You Want Free Stuff, Vote for Me!

Paul Ryan's Not Conservative Enough to Be Speaker?

If Torture is Wrong, Why Did They Televise the Democratic Debate?

If Armed Guards Can Protect Our Money, Why Not Our Kids?

The Passion of the Trump: Taking People's Property

Should We Give the Oregon Mass Murderer What He Craved -- Recognition?

Why the GOP Will Have a Tough Time in 2016 -- and Why It Won't

America's Ongoing Humiliation on the World Stage

I Didn't Jump Off the Liberal Crazy Train for This

Two Successful Governors Gone; Take That, GOP Congress!

A Winning GOP Ticket?

Obama Says GOP Candidates Are 'Talking Down' America

If You're Not Appalled by Donald Trump ...

What if Donald Trump Weren't So Good Looking?

More on the County Clerk in Kentucky -- and Christianity

What Should a Candidate Know About Islamist Radicalism?

God, Gays and an Obscure County Clerk in Kentucky

What Howard Cosell and Donald Trump Have in Common

The Virginia Shooter's Social Media Promoters

Is Trump a Net Plus or Minus for the GOP?

Fox News' Breathtakingly Friendly War on Donald Trump

Donald Trump -- A Messiah the Angry, Frustrated and Fed-Up Wing Have Been Waiting For

How Long Will the Trump-Sanders Thing Last?

Trump's Candidacy a Mix of Richard Pryor and the Twilight Zone

Conservatives Who Never Really Wanted Fair and Balanced

Two Debates -- One Winner

Is it Racist to Notice that the Human Torch is Now Black?

The Guy Who Gives Egomania a Bad Name -- Starts with T

Why Bernie Sanders Matters More Than Donald Trump

Pay Attention Republicans -- Especially You, Mr. Trump

Journo Apologizes to the President for an 'Ungrateful Nation'

Obama Wants Debate on Iran Deal. Just Kidding.

Lindsey Graham Ponders a Brad Pitt Candidacy

Wedding Cakes for Gay Couples ... and Sanctuary Cities

Bernie's Big Advantage Over Hillary

The Liberal Privilege of George Takei

Gay Marriage: The Supreme Court vs. Another High Authority

Dukes of Hazzard Neutralized; Let the Healing Begin

The Pope, Global Warming and the Elusive Meaning of Morality

Families Show Charleston Killer Unbelievable Grace

I Think I'm White ... and I Play Centerfield for the New York Yankees

A Rebellion Against Liberalism in Hollywood?

Memo to Jerry Seinfeld: Welcome to Our World

Can Bernie Pull Off the Impossible?

Why Were We More Bigoted When We Were More Religious?

Why Campaigning on Big Issues Could Be a Mistake

Bad News for the GOP: Americans Have Become More Socially Liberal

Senator, "Do You Have a Personal Animosity Against Gay Americans?"

Warren Buffett Reversal: Rich Not to Blame for Inequality

What if Limbaugh or Rove Anchored Fox's Presidential Coverage

Will He or Won't He Toss His Hair in the Ring?

Are Liberals Racist for Calling Obama Sexist?

Unfair, Unjust, Privileged, Politically Incorrect Bedtime Stories

Does The New N-Word Start with a T?

Judith Miller Dismantles Jon Stewart; Stewart Declared Winner

A Bernie Sanders Candidacy Would Be Great for Republicans

Baltimore ... and President Obama

Christian Lives Matter ...

The Clowns at the Helm of Climate Change Advocacy

Why Don't Americans Trust Hillary?

A Hairy Issue for the GOP Presidential Candidates

I Am Hillary Hear Me Roar

Conservatives Serve Social Justice to Memories Pizza

What the Media Left Out of the Phony Rolling Stone Story

What the Media Left Out of the Phony Rolling Stone Story

Religious Freedom vs. Gay Rights

5 Taliban Commanders for 1 American Charged with Desertion

It's Got to Be Hard to Be Angela Merkel

If You Think the Pacific Ocean is Next to New York, Should You Be Allowed to Vote?

Conservative Ugliness on Homosexuality

Would You Like Some Talk About Race in America With Your Latte?

Hillary Clinton and My Crystal Ball

How Can Lanny Davis Look at Himself in the Mirror?

Another Dopey Remark from Dr. Ben Carson

Why is Liberal Opinion Journalism So Breathtakingly … Unsuccessful?

Why the Small Stuff Will Matter With Scott Walker

Who Do You Believe: Kerry or Clapper?

My Interview with a Putin Critic Shot Dead Near the Kremlin

You Cannot Defeat An Enemy You Do Not Admit Exists

Rudy Giuliani Throws GOP Into Tailspin; So Says Media

Imagine if 'Frisky' Joe Biden Were a Republican

At the Crossroads of Religion and Politics: Republicans, Proceed With Caution

Jon Stewart's Legacy is Comedy, Not Truth

The Man Who Wanted to be Walter Cronkite … and Jay Leno

Mr. Obama's History Lesson

Blood in the Water, Sharks Circling … and Brian Williams

Those Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Conservatives!

Measles … and the Need for Republicans to Man Up!

It's Time for the Flat Tax

Success of American Sniper Stokes Anti-Military Derangement

End the GOP Civil War; Sign the Pledge

What if Marilyn Monroe And Albert Einstein Made a Baby …

The Vindication of 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

Reverend Al Goes to Hollywood

What Jon Stewart Didn't Ask Jimmy Carter

Weather Suddenly Doesn't Matter in the Climate Change Debate?

Islamic Terrorism by Any Other Name ...

Here's an Idea: Million Muslim Man Marches Around the World

Radical Muslims Attack Paris -- and Freedom Everywhere

Forget Bridgegate ... It's Fandom That May Hurt Chris Christie

Even Opinion Journalism Needs To Be Fair