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It's Worse than Bush Derangement Syndrome

The Continuing Maligning of Conservative Trump Critics

They Preach Diversity at the New York Times -- But Don't Practice It

5 Non-Political TV Shows to Check out Over the Holidays

Fake News and the Mainstream Media

Russian Hacks Unleash Partisan Hacks

What If Conservatives Behaved Like San Francisco Liberals?

The Conservative Media's Trump Preemption

Thank Heaven ... for Rich People

Trump Continues to Troll the First Amendment

Trump: I Won the Popular Vote; Millions Voted Illegally

Relax Liberals: The Third Reich Isn’t Coming (Back)

Mitt Romney Owes No Apology

Thanksgiving Is a Time for Reflection

How Badly Did Hillary Clinton Flop? Pretty Badly

The Media Elite Didn't See the Tsunami Coming

Trump Offered More Than Ratings to Those Covering Him

For Better or for Worse, Trump Turns the Page

President Donald J. Trump

Sean Hannity Completes His Billy Mays Journey

Journalists for Hillary

Bush is Supposed to Support the Guy Calling Him a War Criminal?

Obama's Sexism Rhetoric Reminds Us How We Got Here

The Bad News Is ... One of Them Is Going to Win

Interview: Dana Perino Talks About Dogs and Politics

Trump Has Forfeited Obamacare for the GOP

What If They Took a Knee to Protest Destructive Behavior?

The One Unspeakable Four-Letter Word in Trump's Vocabulary Has Five Letters

Donald Trump — Conservative Radio's Fairness Doctrine

Trump's Reckless 'Rigged Election' Rhetoric

A Different War on Women

I'm for Evan McMullin Because I Won't Waste My Vote

Did an Adequate Debate Showing Save Trump's Campaign?

Hillary Couldn't Deliver the Knockout Blow

ABC News Gives Giuliani a Misogyny Makeover

Donald Trump's Secret Weapon: Hillary's Smug Supporters

R.I.P. The Tea Party (2009-2016)

The Angry Little Teapot Strikes Again

Newsflash: Internet Polls Are Meaningless

The Morning After the Night Before ...

The Hillary Clinton Video That Could Give Trump the Win

Priebus to Primary Candidates: Kneel Before Trump

If Trump Is So Horrible Why Is the Race So Tight?

Could Any Republican Have Beaten Clinton?

Hillary's Basket of Deplorables

Quick Notes on the Hillary Clinton Health Scare

Gary Johnson's 'Aleppo' Gaffe Is Far From Disqualifying

Welcome Back, Brit Hume

A Liar, A Buffoon and the Coming Kakistocracy

Anthony Weiner — Self-Obsessed Addict

A Message for the Snowflakes on Campus

Democrats Continue to Disrespect Colin Powell

When Liberal Journalists Behave as Badly as Conservative Shills

Will There Be a Dick Morris of 2016?

Do the Liberal Snowflakes on Campus Have a Point?

What If They Locked Donald Up for Two Weeks

The Myth That Pro-Trump Pundits Care About the Supreme Court

Election 2016: Dracula or the Wolfman?

Donald Trump's Worst Enemy

Gary Johnson Makes Even a Protest Vote Hard for Republicans

Is Donald Trump a Mole Working for the Democrats?

Who's the Real Candidate of Change?

Michael Brown's Mother at the Democratic Convention

A Sliver of Sunshine at the New York Times

The Donald Trump We Could Have Seen in Cleveland

Trump and His Fans Should Admire What Cruz Did

Melania and the Media

To Shill for Trump Is to Lose His Respect

Donald Trump and the Man Who Would Be Howard Beale

Justice Ginsburg Goes Rogue

Trump Thinks It's Wrong to Sell Out for Party Unity

Should Delegates Choose Trump's VP Nominee?

Hillary, Donald and the "Compared to What" Test

Will Donald Trump Graciously Accept the FBI's Gift?

Our Kids and American History

Islamic Terror and the Death of Outrage

Who Will Be to Blame If Trump Loses?

Let's Combat Terrorism with ... Love

A Victim Anti-Exploitation Pledge in DC

Selling Out Their Principles -- For Donald Trump

The New York Times Links GOP to Orlando Massacre

A President's Instincts on Terrorism

The Orlando Massacre and the Presidential Election

PC Journalism and the Massacre in Orlando

Partisan Politics at the Ali Memorial

Clinton's Tone Deafness on Disaffected Republicans

Seizing on Trump's Political Rise

The Trump of the East?

No More Benefits of the Doubt on Trump's Racism

Donald Trump and the "Angry White Male"

Faith, Family, and Scoliosis

Sex, Donald, Hillary and Bill

The False Presidential Boogeyman Argument

Liberal Intolerance on Campus

How Much Tax Does Donald Trump Pay? None of Your Business!

Catch You Later, GOP

Politics = Show Business: Get Used To It

Has the Media Corrupted More Conservatives Than DC?

This Just In: Hell Has Frozen Over

What's Next for #NeverTrump if Trump Wins the Nomination?

The Slobbering Love Affair Between TV and Donald Trump

Would You Rather Lose with Trump or Cruz?

They'd Rather Lose with Trump than Win with Somebody Else

I Bring You Good News About the Race for President. And Bad News.

Giuliani's Plausibly Deniable Endorsement of Trump

Hillary, Bernie and the Wisdom of Henry ...

More Drudge Dishonesty on Colorado Delegates

Ignorant Outrage Over the Colorado GOP Caucus Vote

What Happened to Free Speech at Marquette?

Can Any Winner Come Out of a Contested Convention?

The Saga of Michelle Fields

Michelle Fields Never Claimed to Have Been Pulled to the Ground

If President Obama Is So Smart ...

For Presidential Vetting, Check the Hot Sheets

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right ...

Will Hulk Hogan's Legal Victory Reshape the Gutter-Media?

An End Run Around the Second Amendment

The Debate over Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Begins -- Cue the Hypocrisy

The Self-Degradation of Trump Apologists

Trump, Chicago and Liberals Playing with Matches

The Way to a Man's Heart Is Through Comparing Him to a Child Molester

You Know Who Trump's Media Groupies Remind Me Of?

Why the GOP 'Establishment' Keeps Growing

Donald Trump Was Bound to Happen

Comparing Trump to Hitler

Donald Trump's ... Rhymes with Venus

Expecting Conservative Compliance After a Trump Takeover

Trump's Valet

The Approaching Exodus From the Republican Party

David Duke and Donald Trump

It's Just Politics ... and Opportunism

Rubio Destroys Trump at the Debate; Will it Matter?

Catching Up With the American People

The Shocking Lack of Urgency Among the GOP Field

Will Running for Obama's Third Term Make Sense After She Wins the Nomination?

Pandering in South Carolina and Beyond

The Trump Zone

Trump Is for Whatever Works -- for Trump

Why This Republican Won't Vote for Trump in November

Political World Mourns Scalia -- but Not for Long

Trump Steals a Page from the Progressive Playbook

Ted Nugent Strikes Again

Pundits Who Are Often Wrong But Never in Doubt

Marco Rubio's Low Media-Bar for Failure

When We Ignore the Nexus Between Faith and Bigotry ...

Are We Really a Center-Right Country Anymore?

Could Ben Carson Be a Kingmaker in the GOP Primary?

What's the Single Best Thing the GOP Has Going? Hint: Her Initials are HRC

Megyn Kelly Shouldn't Pay for Trump's Obsession

Is Hollywood, the Capital of Liberal America, Racist?

Fox News Fury Over Conservative Thought

Is Hillary in Trouble? Can Bernie Pull Off the Impossible? Is America Going Nuts?

Has Media Cronyism Dismantled Conservatism?

When Is a Crime Committed in the Name of Allah Not About Islam?

Obama Never Tried to Bridge the Divide

Can the Republican Party Survive?

Ted Cruz May Win in Iowa, But Iowa Ain't America

And Scene...on the Last Reel of Truth in Politics

New Year's Predictions — What to Look for in 2016