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Great episode guys. The Polarization topic has been covered several times, but David's take on it was an interesting perspective. A couple of observations:

1. Bernie's question about why the NYT would hire a conservative guy like David: I think it's the equal and opposite reaction from the Left - i.e. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Left despises Trump, so bringing a conservative onboard who doesn't like Trump helps their cause.

2. David's point about Trump taking advantage of the environment of the modern right, as opposed to having created it, is spot on. It also raises a big concern: Those of us who soured on Trump (or who never liked him from the jump) have been patiently waiting for Trump to exit the political stage - one way or another - in hopes the GOP will return to some sense of normalcy.

I honestly don't see that happening. The grievance, conspiracy theory, anti-intellectual culture that pervades the modern right will not simply return to the GOP of Reagan and Bush once Trump is gone. Likewise, I don't see the Democrats going back to the party of JFK or Bill Clinton anytime soon.

David's point about people living in self imposed echo chambers, the extremism it fosters, as well as the equal and opposite reaction it creates on the other side was spot on, and an accurate assessment of our current political state.

Do you guys see it differently at all?

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Wow, that was really a breath of fresh air. I've never been a reader of the New York Times but I may have to give it a try just to read more of David French's writing. Thanks for this interview Bernie and John.

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Thanks Rusty. I subscribed to the NYT (online version) for the first time ever, once David began writing there. He's great.

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