Sitemap - 2013 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

Memo to Obama: Sooner or Later Reality Matters

Could a Conservative Democrat Sideline Hillary in 2016?

A Bad Year for Obama May Turn Worse in 2014

Duck Dynasty … and the God Given Right to be Stupid

Could Pajama Onesies Be the Key to Engaging Young Americans?

This Just In: President Obama's Pants Are on Fire!

What's Worse: A Liar or a Realist?

When Idealism Gets Mugged by Reality

The Six Million Dollar Man vs. the One BILLION Dollar Website

How Would Liberals Treat a Black Conservative in the White House?

The Mainstream Media Have Made the Conservative Media Prophets

Why Some People Defend the Word Nigger

The GOP Can't Let the Dems Off the Hook for Obamacare

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country ...

Sooner or Later, Mr. Obama, Reality Matters

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Obamacare

Honest: Would You Rather Win with Chris Christie or Lose with Ted Cruz?

It's Not the Lie... It's That the Media Suddenly Cares

Is Obama Clueless -- or Dishonest?

Why Would Obama Want People to Keep Their Old Plans?

Fraud in the Inducement -- and President Obama

The Evolution of 'Extremism' in the Era of Obama

The One Promise Mr. Obama Is Trying to Keep

The Suicide Wing of the GOP vs The Realists is Merely a Preview of Obamacare

A President Who Is More Like Harry Reid than Harry Truman

The Lefty Buffoonery That Republicans Need to 'Shut Down' Once and For All

Is This the GOP Shutdown -- Or President Obama's?

Not Enough Hank Schraders in a Walter White World

An Open Letter to the Ayatollahs

"Real" Conservatives on a Suicide Mission

Gay Rights vs. The Rights of the Faithful

Harry Reid Doesn't Let a Good Colorado Crisis Go To Waste

Imagine if Sarah Palin Had Said "Buy a Shotgun" Before the Navy Yard Shooting

Obama Finally Defends American Exceptionalism... After Turning Us Into Europe

Obama's Greatest Asset: Clueless Americans

Guess Who Can Go to Heaven

How Ann Coulter Became Miley Cyrus

Should the U.S. Use Military Force in Syria?

Gee, I Wonder Why Al Jazeera America is Bombing ...

Obama Adopts 'The Office Doctrine' For Dealing With Syria

Loose Talk about Red Lines May Give Iran a Green Light

What I Would Ask Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Knew the Difference Between Nooses and Handcuffs

If President Obama Had a Son He Might Look Like ...

Will the Benghazi Victims' Families Play a Role in the 2016 Campaign?

Do We Really Want Another Coronation in 2016?

A Break From the Media Hype of Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul

America Hasn't Shifted Left. It's Just Become More Adolescent

Wanna Know What's Wrong With Journalism?

CNN Finds Benghazi Terrorist Suspect; FBI Doesn't

Why SHOULDN'T Hillary Clinton Get Her Own Miniseries?

Obama: Don't Blame Me -- Blame Those Phony Scandals

The Art of the Spit Take is Needed Now More Than Ever

What President Obama Left Out of His Talk on Race

The Conspiracy Theorist's Form of Blind Justice

Zimmerman is Not Guilty -- What About the Media?

This is What Bumper-sticker Leadership Looks Like

Do We Need Affirmative Action for Conservative Journalists?

Should We Ever Punish Journalists for Publishing Secret Information?

Why Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich Will Help Cable News Ratings

Which Offenses Are Forgivable in Hollywood?

What Would Jesus Say About Adam and Steve?

An Easy Thing the GOP Can Do To Build Its Brand Back Up

Re-Defining Racial Discrimination in America

Dick Cheney Interview a Reminder of Leadership with Conviction

Freedom in an Age of Terrorism

How To Make Americans Care About All of These Scandals: Find a Hot Chick

Which is More Honest: Roller Derby or the Obama Administration?

'Chief, Put Out the Fire, Will Ya?' How the Left Has Channeled Sam Quint

Did Eric Holder Lie to Congress?

Don't Blame the Media For Not Pursuing News Stories... Blame Republicans!

How Do We Know James Rosen Isn't a Commie Spy?

How High Does the IRS Scandal Go?

Did Obama's Media Market Bubble Burst?

When Is a Scandal Not A Scandal?

The Sense in Being a Conservative Supporter of Gay Marriage

Jodi Arias, Cable TV, and a Nation Fascinated by Shiny Objects

One More Chance to Get Answers on Benghazi

A News Media of Trekkies

Global Warming May Lead to Sex -- for Money

Of Red Lines, Game Changers and U.S. Credibility

The News Media's Comical Resistance to the Koch Brothers

The Boston Marathon Bombings and the Importance of Getting the Story Right

Those Worried About the Bomber's Skin Color Need Help

'Accidental Racist' Feels Like a Symptom of Munchausen Syndrome

Media Ignore Mass Murder Trial

Our Legacy Is Our Children... Not Self-Satisfaction

Obama Compliments a Woman; Feminists Offended

Conservatives Behaving Like Liberals

Americans Turned Off By the GOP... But Moving To Their States in Droves

They Would Do Anything For Ratings... But They Won't Do That

Is Gay Marriage An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Not a Profile in Courage

Bill Maher's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

What Would Another Attack Do To This Country?

Don't Blame Him -- He's Only the President

Sun Still Rises After Sequester So Prez Comes Up With Plan B To Insure Hardship

What Can Be Learned From Rand Paul's Filibuster

A President We Can't Be Proud Of

Rephrasing Conservatism For a Dense Electorate

New Poll: Nation on Wrong Track ... So Which Party Gets the Blame?

The B-Movie Presidency With A-List Media Compliance

Reality TV Pitch: Mainstream Media Rehab

A President Who Is Rooting for Chaos

Obama: The World Is About to End ... (Or Not)

Who Are the Liberal Media's Respected Thinkers?

Rubio Reaches for Water -- Crime of the Century

Remembering the Moral Integrity of Chris Kyle

Drones, Double Standards and the So-Called Mainstream Media

Fox News Was Right to Drop Dick Morris

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step for Nut Jobs

Panetta Confirms Again That Waterboarding Helped Get Bid Laden; Media Still Confused

President Obama and Fox: Here We Go Again

The Media Needs More Liberals Like Kirsten Powers

Being 'Out of the Mainstream' Is Suddenly a Political Non-Starter?

Republicans Blow It Big Time At Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Hearing

CBS News Political Director to Barack Obama: Destroy the GOP

The Silliness and the Brilliance of Prop Politics

Just a Thought ...

A Dark Vein of Chris Matthews In Some Parts of Colin Powell

Al Gore is No Run of the Mill Hypocrite

Piers Morgan's Insulting Anti-Gun Crusade

The High Cost of Obama's America

Another Reason Liberals Make Me Laugh

Will Chris Christie Pull a Schwarzenegger?

Al Gore Hates Oil But Loves Oil Money