Sitemap - 2017 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

They Can't Win Unless the President Loses

Byron York's NeverTrump Fixation

You Don't Have to Like Donald Trump to Acknowledge the Obvious ...

New Year’s Predictions — What to Look for in 2018

The Only Republican Who Could Lose to a "Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer" Liberal -- in Alabama!

What If Al Franken Just Switched Parties?

Plan B: Sex

Look Out Everybody: Doomsday Is Coming!!!

RNC Shamefully Restores Funding to Roy Moore

Hate Speech and Academic Freedom

Culture Warrior of the Year: Ronan Farrow

Partisans Without Principles

A President Who Demands Gratitude for Doing His Job

Faith, Family, and Scoliosis; Part 2

Roy Moore May Be a Creep -- But At Least He's Not a Democrat

They Don't Call It the Cable News Business for Nothing

Do Strong Cable-News Ratings Excuse Defamation?

The War Between Trump and the Media: Good for Them; Bad for Us

Republicans: Hello Roy Moore; Goodbye Jeff Flake

18 Righties You Should Follow on Twitter

Taking a Knee is Bad for Business

Boy Scouts to Accept Girls; Is This Such a Bad Idea?

A President Who Views His Party as His Employees

This Just In: Liberal Students Shout Down ... a Liberal


Jimmy Kimmel: Critics Are Partially to Blame for Murders

Finally, an Activist Judge Social Conservatives Love

Hillary Clinton Quick to Politicize Las Vegas Shooting

Interview: John A. Daly, Author of Broken Slate

The Divided States of America

Illiberal Liberals on Campus -- It's Worse than You Thought

The Timely Arrival of 'S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered'

Hollywood's Self-Defeating Political Snark

The Worldwide Leader in ... Hypocrisy

Trump's Shift to the Path of Least Resistance

Harvey, Irma and Stevie Wonder

Steve Bannon — the Political Right's Benjamin Linus

Trump Sides with the Dems; RINOs Apparently to Blame

Fake News and Fake Innocence

Jumping the Shark: The News Media Way

Whataboutism is Redefining the Right

When Parody Becomes Reality You Know There's a Problem

Trump's Media War Gets Him (and Us) Nothing

Politics Have Eclipsed Our Sense of Humor

Where Does It End?

Trump's Willingness to Call out the Enemy...Sometimes

Why Is Donald Trump Tougher on "Fake News" than Real Bigots?

Have the Wrong Opinion and You Can Get Fired. Google it.

Trump to Russia: It's Not You, It's Us

Take a Guess Who Embarrasses a Majority of American Voters

Memo to POTUS: You're Not Humiliating Jeff Sessions; You're Humiliating Yourself

Scaramucci Might Need His Own Communications Director

Daydreams of a Less Consequential Washington

If Arrogance Were A Crime, A Lot of Journalists Would Be In Jail

A 'Credibility Problem' If You Didn't Vote for Trump?

Trump Says Sun Rises in East; Dems See Collusion with Russia

The Insanity of a Cyber-Partnership With Russia

Here's an Idea, Mr. President ...

CNN Investigative Journalism: Policing Internet Videos

A President with a Rare Talent

On Healthcare, Trump is Giving Us What We Paid For

Nebraska Dem Party Official Glad Scalise Was Shot

Young Voters for Old Socialists

Megyn Kelly's Needlessly Controversial Alex Jones Interview

The Liberal Media's Double Standard

Hey Jim, Why No Memo and Orchestrated Leak about ... That?

Trump's Self-Sabotaging Twitter Habit

Liberals For Segregation ...

Trump Continues to Heckle London Mayor

The Real Cowards of Academia

Covfefe: A Trigger Word for Political Humorlessness

The Right's Mockery of a Liberal Journalist's Assault

This Is Not the Time to Circle the Wagons

MSNBC Beats Fox News in Overall Viewers; Panic Time?

Donald Trump Is Good for Business -- the Trump-Bashing Business

Competing Narratives on Trump's Intel Reveal

Trump, Comey ... and the Wound that Just Won't Heal

Obama's Moral Belittling Won't Be Missed

Alex Jones and the Depraved Conspiracy Culture

President Trump's Secret Weapon

The Egregiously Insensitive Pursuit of Vinyl Records

They Really, Really, Really Don't Like This President

The Perpetuated Myth That the Polls Are Wrong

The Real Villain at O'Hare

How Will Fox News Fare in the Post-O'Reilly Era?

A Few Questions for Trump's Most Loyal Fans

Trump's Rapid Shift to an Establishment Agenda

The Obama Administration's Dishonesty on Syria

He Was Against Military Action in Syria Until He Was For It

End of an Era: Fox News Cancels Red Eye

The Trump Doctrine: Leading from the Gut

Dennis Prager's 'Purist' Straw Man

The (GOP) Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Does the GOP Now Own Obamacare?

Channeling Baghdad Bob

Is Erosion of Public Trust the Goal?

The Pope, Panhandlers, and Liberal Compassion

There Can't Be a Reset on Health Care

The Biggest Source of Fake News in America Is ...

The Impulse Theater Presidency of Donald Trump

Another Temper Tantrum on a College Campus

The Media's 'Bush Versus Trump' Fixation

Memo from POTUS to MSM: This is War!

Robert Reich: Trump to Blame for Rioting in Sweden

President Trump's Ace in the Hole

Trump-Era Reading for the Principled Soul

Defending Donald Trump -- No Matter What

Eight Years Later, the Media Rediscovers Its Job

Roommate Wanted: But Not If You Voted for ...'s Refreshing Astroturf Admission

Boycotting Donald Trump

Authoritarianism Has Captivated the Right

The New Party of No

The Circus Just Arrived ... at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Trump Comes Through 'Bigly' With Neil Gorsuch

Dear Opinion Writers: We Don't Speak for America

He's Not Your Father's Republican

President Trump Meets George Orwell

Giving Trump a Chance Doesn't Mean Ignoring His Conduct

Even Heroes Should Be Held Accountable

Bush's Supporters Had It Worse Than Trump's

Memo to Meryl: A Simple "Thank You" Would Have Sufficed

Defending Trump's Falsehoods...on Principle?

How Should the Media Handle Trump's Many False Statements?

John Carpenter Shoos Away Bigoted Fans

Beating a Dead RINO