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I Have a Confession to Make ...

Why Did Ron Paul Get a Pass on His "Hates Muslims" Comment?

Know When to Hold 'em and Know When to Fold 'em

Is "President Gingrich" Really That Frightening?

NBC News, the KKK and the State of Journalism

When a Crisis No Longer Commands Sobriety

Mitt and Newt: Two Rich Guys Arguing Over Money


Donald Trump Is the Greatest; Just Ask Him (updated with new information)

Bad Parenting: Using Your Child to Zing a Politician

Is Obama a Failed Historian Too?

Rob Peter to Pay Paul: Bad Economics! Good Politics?

Did the Media Play Fair with Herman Cain?

Kids' Villains - From Terrorists to "Big Oil" in 30 Years

Yeah ... and Fish Don't Know They're Wet, Either

Obama to Blue-Collar America: Adios!

The Media Can't Bring Themselves to Detach Palin from Giffords

Attention Mika Brzezinski: The Occupiers Aren't Homeless... They Just Smell That Way

We Can Stop the Crazy Train Before It Gets to Greece

Entitlements - Why Fix Them When You Can Demagogue Them?

Making the Difference in a Child's Life: An Adoption Story

Who Can Beat Obama?

Capitalism Is Not Charity

The Dumbest Media Question I've Ever Heard

Just How Important is Personality in Presidential Elections?

What If Herman Cain Did It?

Should Giuliani Have Run This Time?

What If Herman Cain Were a Liberal?

Collective Misery is the Prescription for Failure

Who Can Beat Obama?

We're Approaching the Tipping Point

The Democratic Hawk Flies Free

How Obama Will Try to Win

A Response to the Angry Purists

Bill Maher's Easy Gamble

Late Night Lip Service

Tea Party Envy

They're Waiting for Reagan to Hit the Campaign Trail

Read This!!! -- But Only If You Have Nothing Better To Do

Joe Biden: Class Clown

Palin Did it Her Way

My Few Minutes with Andy Rooney

Racial Condescension from the Left

Can Obama Win Re-Election?

Morgan Freeman's New Role: Race Baiter

What Do Debates Prove?

It's NOT the Economy Stupid, It's Theology

Bachmann has Jumped the Shark

Bad News on the Doorstep

A Picture's Worth of Bias

Diary of a Deranged Liberal

In Their Own Words ...


Defining The Hero By Creating The Villain

Back to the Future

Racist Elements

On Science and Blasphemy ...

Global Warming and Morality

Why the 2012 Campaign Will Be About Social Issues

Hillary vs. Obama in 2012? It'll Never Happen -- I Don't Think

Perry Criticism Sheds Light On What Really Creates Jobs

Compromising On Reality

Warning: Conservatives May Be Harmful to Your Mental Health

Warren Buffett -- Coddled Billionaire

Lisanomics - The Nerve of Those Credit Rating Agencies!

Too Much Balance in the Media?

Coming Out of the Conservative Shell

All Aboard the Crazy Train

Liberal Hate Speech

Another Media Double Standard

Playing Games with Default

With All Due Respect, Go Fly a Kite ...

Do You Believe in the Devil -- and a Few Other Questions

Scare Tactics

Who Is A "Natural Born Citizen"?

Guess Who's Not Paying Their Fair Share

Against More Taxes? You May Be a Terrorist!

Casey Anthony: The TV Show

Standards and Double Standards at MSNBC

Is Jon Stewart A Racist?

Let's Play the Race Card -- Just for Fun Of Course

Sarah Palin and Weiner's Weiner

Sarah Palin: The Only Thing the Hard Right and Left Agree On

They Don't Call TV the Boob Tube for Nothing

Memo to GOP: Turn Mr. Obama into Mr. Yesterday

I Get Letters From People Who Should Be Locked Up

Is "Torture" Ever Justified?

The Promiscuous Use of the R Word

The Man Behind the Million Dollar Smile ...

What's the Difference Between Libs in Politics and Libs in the Media?

An Idea Whose Time Has Come -- and Gone

Hate Crimes -- Real and Mostly Imagined

The Obama Team Disrespects Fox News and Its Viewers. Also Bernie “Predicts” Katie Couric's Future

The Pundits Are Driving Me Crazy-- And You Thought Qaddafi Was Nuts

No Liberal Bias at NPR -- Just Ask NPR

New York Times Hates Fox; Sun Rises in East

Progressives Lost in Time ...

The Lamestreams Strike Again -- This Time in Madison

This Just In: Fed Govt says Real Journalism in Decline

Trump: Will He or Won't He?

You MUST Own a Gun -- Or Else!

There's Only One Keith Olbermann--and Thank God for That!

It Was Horrible, I tell you ... HORRIBLE!

A Liberal Mantra: Blame Conservatives

Here We Go Again ...

You Go, Oprah