Sitemap - 2021 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/31)

Some Thoughts on the New Year

A Star is Born?

Why Bette Midler's Nastiness Matters

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/24)

No Price for Getting the Smollett Story Wrong

Chris Wallace Leaves Fox ... Who's Next?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/17)

For Many, Jussie Smollett's Story Was Too Big to Fail

What the January 6 Texts Do and Don’t Show

Can America Survive Progressive Policies?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/10)

Impeachment Republicans Eleven Months Later

Discrimination at Oberlin?

In Post-George Floyd America Speaking Plain Truths Is Risky Business

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/3)

‘Good Riddance’ to Chris Cuomo. And ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ to His New Admirers

Whitewashing "Looting" and Other Non-Woke Terms

They Quit Because They Had Enough of What Fox News Has Become

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/26)

Two Principled and Admirable Fox News Departures

Democrats Assault on the Rittenhouse Verdict is a Threat to Democracy

This Just In: No One Elected Biden to be FDR. Somebody Please Tell Joe

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/19)

The Inevitable McApology

Who Do Liberal Elites Hate More than White Rednecks?

Civics, Statism, and Cable News

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/12)

Less Consequential Lies Are Still Lies

Cable News -- One of the Most Divisive Institutions in America

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/5)

Restitution for Illegal Immigrants?

Some Takeaways from the Virginia Election

Voters Sent the Democrats a Message

When Will the Woke Vigilantes Finally Do What Fonzie Did?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/29)

Insulting Voters’ Intelligence Isn’t Working for Biden

Yes, January 6 Still Matters… Even if GOP Leaders Wish it Didn't

And You Thought Only Women Could Get Pregnant ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/22)

Trump’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving... To Democrats

President Bernie Biden

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/15)

Was It Really RBG That Katie Couric Was Protecting?

Voters Realize They've Been Sold a Bill of Goods

Democrats' Choice: Run on Biden's Record or Run Against the Orange Boogeyman

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/8)

The Cost of Treating Voters Like Idiots

Biden's Advancement of Trump's Worst Policies

How to Get Lots of Expensive Stuff for Free

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/1)

Regional Political Anecdotes, Part 2

America's Losing Faith in Biden

At Least Biden's Got One Thing Going For Him

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/24)

Regional Political Anecdotes, Part 1

A Presidency Defined by Chaos

Biden's Many False Statements

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/17)

The Long-Term Effects of American Betrayal

Counting on the Goodwill of the Taliban

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/10)

Some Thoughts on 9/11

Liberal Policies Are Hurting Black Students

The Future of Joe Biden Depends on the Goodwill of the Taliban

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/3)

It’s Okay To Admit Both Sides Had the Afghanistan Withdrawal Wrong

Biden Was Elected for Who He Wasn’t...

You Know Biden’s In Trouble When...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/27)

The "What If" Game on Afghanistan

The End of Biden's Presidency?

Good Thing Liberal Bias in the Media is a Myth

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/20)

The Buck Stops... With the Other Guy?

Afghanistan Has Fallen... and It’s on Biden

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/13)

COVID Mandates in the Post-Vaccine Era

Progressive-speak is Music to the GOP's Ears

State of the Media 20 Years After 'Bias'

Biden Has Been Channeling FDR -- Is Jimmy Carter Next?

The Difficulties of Carrying the Nationalist Mantle

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/6)

Caring More About Criminals Than Victims

Will Crime Bring Down the Democrats?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/30)

The Jan. 6 Committee, Fox News, and "Pelosi Republicans"

How the Culture War May Take Down the Democrats Next Year

Journalists Don't Care What You Think

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/23)

Cleansing Children With Identity Politics

The Loose Cannon in Next Year's Midterm Elections

The Growing Friendship Deficit

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/16)

The Art of the Art

Biden’s Rhetorical Absurdities on Afghanistan

Crime, Democrats and the Next Election

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/9)

The Academic Diversity We’re Missing

The Decline and Fall of a Once Great American City

If America Is as Bad as Woke Progressives Think it Is ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/2)

Kevin McCarthy’s Cowardice Never Ceases to Amaze

Representing Without Respecting

My Interview with Jason Whitlock

Bill Maher, Kevin Hart, Bryant Gumbel -- and "Progressophobia"

Seriously, Again with the Nukes?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/25)

A Break from Politics and Outrage

Battle Inside the ACLU: Should Progressive Causes Trump Free Speech Rights?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/18)

Can the Conspiracy Culture Be Rolled Back?

The Growing Conspiracy Culture

The Culture War That's Coming

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/11)

Big Corporations and Local Politics

Another Victim of the Coronavirus: Journalism

Ranked Choice Primaries Could Strengthen Parties and Politics

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/4)

“Reimagining” Policing and Crime

Abandoning Conservatism Normalized Biden's Agenda

Who's Causing the GOP More Harm -- Liz Cheney or Donald Trump?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/28)

Lori Lightfoot's Racism

Post-Vaccination Hesitancy in an Ending Pandemic

Why Liberal Journalists Don't Cover Race Honestly

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/21)

Dragging 'Racial Justice' Into the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Being a Woke CEO Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry -- Not When You're Bashing the GOP on Race

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/14)

Hannitizing Liz Cheney

Is Just Staying Afloat the GOP's Endgame?

Trump's Proclamations Are a Gift to the Democrats

Liz Cheney, Donald Trump and the Real Big Lie

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/7)

3 Myths Dispelled (Again) by Liz Cheney’s Removal

The Gun Violence the Left Ignores

What Trump and Biden Have in Common

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/30)

Still Screwing Up America

The GOP’s Challenge: Making the Party Serious Again

Joe Biden Talks Unity ... But Sold Us a Bunch of Malarkey

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/23)

A Trifecta of Stupidity

Will the Real President of the United States Please Stand Up

Leaving Afghanistan is a Mistake

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/16)

No to Georgia; Yes to China

Liberals May Hate Trump ... But They Just Can't Quit Him

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/9)

The Lasting Health Effects of COVID-19

Another Institution Caves to Progressive Politics

Polarization Wins Elections ... and Destroys the Country

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/2)

Biden’s Border Failures Pile Up

Bad News for Cable News Networks

Liberal Bias? What Liberal Bias?

It's Biden's Border Crisis Even If He Won't Say the Word

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/26)

Using Tragedy to Promote a Social Narrative

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Searching for Culture Battles Instead of Solvency

Media Let Biden Talk One Way and Govern Another

Bernie’s Q&A: Morgan, Markle, Reid, Trump, and more! (3/19) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Off the Cuff: Wokeness and the Banning of Books

Will Progressive Dreams Become Reality -- Thanks to Donald Trump?

Bernie’s Q&A: Morgan, Markle, Mudd, Trump, and more! (3/12) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

When Money's No Object

Off the Cuff: Joy Reid and the Presumption of Racism

Democrats Who Want to Cancel Fox News

Bernie’s Q&A: The Brothers Cuomo, Abbott, Trump hatred, and more! (3/5) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Off the Cuff: Amazon and the Cancel Culture

Trumpian for the Foreseeable Future

GOP Catch 22: Hard to Win with Trump; Hard to Win Without Trump

Bernie’s Q&A: Cuomo, Tanden, Sinema, Garland, and much more! (2/26) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Middle Class Joe Channels Marie Antoinette

The Importance of Vaccine-Era Messaging

Off the Cuff: Rush Limbaugh and Political Division

Bernie’s Q&A: Limbaugh, Chung, Graham, Peterson, and more! (2/19) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Off the Cuff: Is Math Racist?

Takeaways from Trump's Impeachment and Acquittal

Acquittal Is Not the Same as Vindication

Bernie’s Q&A: Impeachment Trial, Liz Cheney, Real Sports, and more! (2/12) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

A Party Beyond Trump?

Off the Cuff: Punting and Precedent on Marjorie Taylor Greene

Connecting the Dots from Portland and Seattle to the U.S. Capitol

Bernie’s Q&A: Cheney, Bezos, AOC, Lindell, and more! (2/5) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Off the Cuff: Looking for Enemies to Cancel

On Biden and Unity: Words Matter ... But Actions Matter More

Bernie’s Q&A: Trump, Cheney, King, Portman, and more! (1/29) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Off the Cuff: At This Point, Is an Impeachment Trial Necessary?

Dividing Americans Is Good For Business on Cable News Channels

Bernie’s Q&A: Biden, Stirewalt, Pompeo, Woods, and more! (1/22) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Eternal Denseness of the Binary Mind

Off the Cuff: Cable News Viewers Don't Want Honest Commentary

The Spirit of Free Speech Is in their Crosshairs ...

Bernie’s Q&A: Impeachment, Riots, Democratic Control, and more! (1/15) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Ten Republicans Got It Right on Impeachment

Off the Cuff: Attacking the Spirit of Free Speech

Cowards in the Age of Trump

Hypocrisy Doesn’t Excuse an Insurrection

Bernie’s Q&A: Insurrection, Continuity, Future Dems, Miracle on Ice, and more! (1/8) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Yes, Trump Should Be Impeached and Removed

Off the Cuff: Trump Loses Another One for the GOP

What They'll Do for Donald Trump ...

New Year’s Predictions — What to Look for in 2021

Bernie’s Q&A: Cable News, Baldwin, Kinzinger, Wells, and more! (1/1) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)