Sitemap - 2022 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

New Year’s Predictions — What to Look for in 2023

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/30)

Stanford University and "Harmful Words"

Is Donald Trump a Criminal?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/23)

The Jan. 6 Committee's Final Report and Criminal Referrals

Is Trump Losing Support Among His Friends?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/16)

The So Called "Smart Party"

Gay Rights vs Religious Rights

The Awkward Rediscovery of Basic Party Interests

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/9)

For the GOP, Embarrassment Has Been a Choice

48 Hours, Reporting from Russia, "What's the Frequency Kenneth?", Leaving HBO Real Sports, and More

You Can Kiss Donald's Ring ... or You Can Kiss His ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (12/2)

Some Thoughts on the Jerry Jones Controversy

Politicians' Crippling Obsession With Twitter

Biden v Trump -- Again?

Give the Gift of Bernie

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/25)

Learning From the Midterms, Trump 2024, Investigating Hunter Biden, and More

Reports of Trump's Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated

Making Elections Institutionally Better

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/18)

Here We Go Again

A Letter to Donald ...

Welcome Back, Never Trump Alumni!

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/11)

The GOP's Midterm Mess Provides Yet Another Opportunity to Dump Trump

Midterm Mayhem

Shelve the Golden Oldie

What Really Bothers Liberals about Herschel Walker?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (11/5)

Stop Minimizing Political Violence

Discriminating Against One Minority to Benefit Another

Lifting Up, Acting Out, and Just Not Caring

Biden's Game Plan for the Midterms: Count on the Stupidity of the American Voter

Lowering the Bar of Acceptability to Legality

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/28)

Biden's Pandering, the Midterms, and Hunter's Legal Woes

Hey, If You're Not Using That Conservatism…

The America That Progressives Have Given Us

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/21)

The Democrats' Midterm Emergency

Ideological and Ethnic Double Standards?

Schumer's Best Friend

Unconditional Support, Unfounded Claims, and Uncommon Artistry

A Question for Loyal Trump Supporters

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/14)

The Midterms and the Influence of Cable News

Is “Quiet Suspending” All That Uncommon in Cable News?

Guess Who's Playing with Fire -- Again?

Georgia: The GOP's Land of Trial and Error

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (10/7)

"Wrecked" Reporters, a "President's Wallet", and Forever Trump

Yes, Trump's Rhetoric Still Matters

Guess Who They're Comparing to Putin

The American Experience vs. The American Perception

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/30)

Sending Migrants to Liberal Cities, Comparing Trump to Putin, and an Alleged Political Murder in North Dakota

Jumping Off the Crazy Train Before It Pulls Into the Station at Loserville

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/23)

Yes, a Candidate’s Health Matters

Walking the Line on Immigration and Border Politics

Why Joe Biden Makes it Hard to Take Him Seriously

Oops on That Whole “Stolen Election” Thing

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/16)

Changes at CNN, the Biden Speech, and the Midterms

Joe Biden's Often Nasty, Divisive Speech -- and Why He Gave It

Biden Jumps the "Ultra-MAGA" Shark

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/9)

The Democrats' Midterm Strategy

Is that Big Red Wave Still Going to Wipe out Democrats?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (9/2)

Debt Relief, "Rigged" Elections, and Slob Defamation

Biden’s “Debt Relief”, the Mar-a-Lago Raid, and the Midterms

Trump Fans May Be Paranoid -- But They May Have a Good Reason to Be

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/26)

The Binary Before the Storm

A Shift in What Americans Care Most About

I Just Quit the GOP -- Or Is It the Other Way Around?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/19)

The FBI, the DOJ, and Donald Trump

Liz Cheney Was Never Captain Ahab; She Was Chief Brody

Confused about the new

The Issue that May Matter More than the GOP Thinks

Calm Down, Everyone

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/12)

The FBI, Donald Trump, and 2024

Is Liz Cheney a Traitor? Am I?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (8/5)

Blue MAGA and the Republican Purge

Fox and Trump, the Forward Party, Recession Talk, and Midterm Mayhem

Why Jon Stewart Shouldn't Be Taken at Face Value

If It's Biden v Trump Again, I Know What I'll Be Doing on Election Day

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/29)

It's Not Always Bias; Sometimes It's Stupidity

Rodney Dangerfield Gets More Respect Than Journalists

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/22)

Ain’t No Party for an Honest Man

How Voters are Looking at the 2024 Election

Guess Who's Praying Trump Runs Again?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/15)

Boris Johnson Resigned and Britain Survived

Stop Looking to Entertainers to Save Us

This Just In: The Supreme Court's Job Isn't to Make Liberals Happy

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/8)

The Media Presenting Only One Side of the Story

Political Servitude or American Democracy

Four Days in Nashville

July 4th Message to the Woke Crowd

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (7/1)

Maybe Trump Isn't a Liar After All

The Politics of Abortion

Political Violence Targeting Kavanaugh and Pro-Life Institutions

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/24)

Unwavering Loyalty to a Man Who Disrespects His Loyalists

Democrats' Boosting of “Stop the Steal” Republicans in Colorado

Trump Proves Lincoln Right

GOP Resistance to the Jan. 6 Hearings Is Looking Increasingly Silly

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/17)

The January 6 Committee Hearings

Crime and No Punishment: A Voter Revolt in San Francisco

Thoughts on the First January 6 Committee Hearing

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/10)

Abortion, Guns, and the Midterms

If I Pay for Your Student Loans Will You Pay for My Mortgage?

The Importance of Fortifying Schools

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/3)

The Georgia Primary, Donald Trump, and the 2024 Presidential Election

Will Trump Endorse Stacey Abrams for Governor?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/27)

Georgia Republicans Wise Up on Trump

The Sussmann Trial, Buffalo Shooting Blame-Game, Supreme Court, and More

Everything These Days Is Political -- Even a Massacre in Buffalo

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/20)

The Woke Capital of the United States

What Will Democrats Run on? Try Abortion

I Miss Shame

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/13)

Roe v. Wade, the Disinformation Governance Board, and How Biden Can Revive His Presidency

A Big Problem for Democrats in the Midterms: Other Democrats

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/6)

The New Ministry of Truth

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

This Time It's Not Just the Economy, Stupid

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/29)

How the Media Has Changed Since "Bias"

Why Are Liberals (Really) Mad at Elon Musk?

Chris Wallace and the Failure of CNN+

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/22)

Worth Remembering As We Move Past the Pandemic...

Name That Baby

Disney is Woke. It's Also Goofy

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/15)

Donald Trump's Future With the GOP

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/8)

Disney’s Selective Wokeness

Is ‘Soft on Pedos’ the Latest Political Pejorative?

How Many More Cleanups on Aisle 1600 Can We Endure?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/1)

Why Chris Wallace Left Fox News

Cupcakes on Campus Strike Again

The Modern Right's Flower Children

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/25)

Wokeness vs. Free Speech

What's the Fascination with Donald Trump -- Even Now?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/18)

Faith, Family, and Scoliosis; Part 3

Would You Stay and Fight For America?

Why Is it OK to Discriminate Against One Minority -- to Favor Another Minority?

Jennifer Griffin, Fox Commentary's Much Needed Truth Bomb

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/11)

A Weak Strongman

Biden's Other War -- the One Inside His Own Party

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/4)

So Now They Care About Ukraine?

Interview: Kimberly Ross Talks Politics, Writing, and Work-Life Balance

Fiction Writing Is a Great Escape from Politics

Will the Real Tucker Carlson Please Stand Up

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/25)

The Next Republican Bogeyman

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/18)

I Won't Miss Pandemic Priors

On Threats to Democracy…

When Party Loyalty Trumps Principles

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/11)

Checking in on the Tribes

Sports, Money, and Moral Equivalence

Interview: John A. Daly, Author of the "Restitution"

Some Good Advice from "the Gambler" for the GOP

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/4)

A Hillary Comeback?

Blue Realities vs Red Realities

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/28)

About That SOB Exchange

Biden Crossed a Bright Line in Atlanta

Meat Loaf Pulled Off Something Few Singers Have

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/21)

So Much for Unity

What Will Dems Run on in November?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/14)

Biden Had One Job...

How Cable News Has Crushed Journalism

Donald Trump and the 2022 Midterms

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/7)

January 6 One Year Later

Did Joe Biden Stumble onto the Truth about the Virus?

New Year’s Predictions — What to Look for in 2022