Sitemap - 2023 - Bernard Goldberg's Commentary

A Political Exception

Welcome to the United States of Litigation

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (6/2)

Bernard Goldberg on the Dos and Don’ts of Covering Donald Trump

Joe Biden -- A Partisan Who Divides Americans

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/26)

Is Being ”Stealable” a Bigger Crime Than Stealing?

Take the Fight to Donald Trump

Journalists Perpetuated the Russian Collusion Hoax

Leave the Punishment of "Woke" Companies to the Private Sector

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/19)

This Just In: The New Trump Looks a Lot Like ...

The Durham Report and Those it Implicates

Bernard Goldberg on the 2024 Presidential Election

Trump v Biden 2.0? Don't Bet On It

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/12)

Warming to a Chris Christie Candidacy

Biden Crossed the Line With His Comments on Hunter

Almost Nobody Wants a Biden/Trump Rematch

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (5/5)

A Post-Tucker Divergence

Bernard Goldberg on Tucker Carlson's Firing, Biden Running for Re-Election, and Ron DeSantis's Woes

A Message from Homey the Clown About Woke BS

Biden’s Re-Election Bid Increases the Stakes for Harris

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/28)

A Few Words About Tucker Carlson

Fox News Dumps Tucker Carlson; Now What?

Biden's Risky Re-Election Bid

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/21)

Now We Know How Much Fox Will Pay to Avoid the Truth Coming Out in Federal Court

Fox Cries Uncle, the Afghanistan Whitewash, and Trump's Easy Path to Victory

Bernard Goldberg on the Tennessee Three, Kamala Harris, Fox vs. Dominion, and the GOP Primary

Going for Broke on Anti-woke

Republicans Aren't Tired of Winning ...

GOP Primary Advice: Instead of ‘By the Book’ Try ‘Buy the Book'

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/14)

A Thought Experiment With the Tennessee Expulsions

Elon's War on Newsletters

Do Democrats Really Believe "No One Is Above the Law"?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (4/7)

The Lasting Effects of Anti-Anti-Trumpism

Chris Stirewalt on the U.S. Media, His Departure from Fox News, and the 2024 Election

Will the First Amendment Protect Fox News?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/31)

Pee-wee's Whiny Adventure

Why Can't Donald Trump Move On From Jan. 6?

What If an Indictment Helps Trump Win Again?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/24)

Bernard Goldberg on Indicting Trump, Biden's Embellishments, and the 2024 GOP Primary

Food Fight At Fox News

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/17)

DeSantis's 'Price is Right' Primary Strategy

Hats Off to Mike Pence

Why Win When You Can Own?

More Trash Talk From Trump -- Aimed at Republicans

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/10)

Emotional Support Politics

Bernard Goldberg on Dominion's Fox News Revelations

Crime in Chicago Brought Lori Lightfoot Down ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (3/3)

A News Network Terrified by Its Viewers

Fake Transparency and the Consequences of Denying the Real Thing

Give Distinction a Chance

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/24)

Fox Misled Viewers About the "Stolen" Election

A.B. Stoddard on Biden in Ukraine, the 2024 Election, George Santos, and More!

Crippling Cowardice and Corruption at Fox News

Guess Who Thinks Joe Biden Is Doing a Great Job

Come On, Nikki

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/17)

In Binary Politics, a Conservative Voting for a Democrat Can Make Perfect Sense

Bernard Goldberg on the SOTU, Biden in 2024, Entitlement Reform, Journalistic Diversity, and More!

The Only Kind of Conservative Liberals Will Tolerate

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/10)

The Fiscal State of the Union

Is Objectivity Overrated?

In It to Win It... Or ”In on It”

I Got Some Help Writing this Column ...

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (2/3)

Bernard Goldberg on Interviewing Mike Tyson, Paul McCartney, Shaq, Bill Buckley, and More!

Was the Death of Tyre Nichols the Result of Racism?

The Exhausting "Classified Documents" Debate

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/27)

Painting With a Broad, Racist Brush?

Is "Antiracism" Worse than Racism Itself?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/20)

The Right's Lost Generation

Good News: Biden's Corvette Is Secure

The 2024 Election, Joe Biden and Classified Documents, and the Republican-led House

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/13)

Biden and Trump's Perverse Codependency

Looks Like He's Really Doing It

How the News Distorts Reality ...

Did Karma Come for the Chameleon?

Bernie’s Weekly Q&A (1/6)

It's Okay to Give the MSM a Little Credit for Ideological Diversity

The Ramifications of Biden Running in 2024, and the Worsening Media Disconnect

Will Biden Run Again?